"INDEPENDENCE, SECURITY, STABILITY" - Jasper Tumbled Stone Bracelet


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"The Stone of Selflessness"

Jasper is the mother of all stones, bringing about “Big-L” Love of all mankind. Jasper makes its effects known slowly and gradually, just like nature. It is considered an emotionally calming stone, and can be an excellent stone for those who like change to be gradual, unfolding process. For emotional, mental and physical pain, it is grounding and healing stone. Jasper gives one the courage to speak out and have personal independence. Mentioned in the bible several times, Jasper is a strong security and stability gemstone. It is such a basic “good” stone that one should always have it on hand.

Healing Properties: Strength, vitality, selflessness, independence, security, stability

Chakras: All

Zodiac: Taurus

Size: Elastic Bracelet One Fits All

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